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Sermon Briefs 1 Samuel 3:1-10

Martin Copenhaver's sermon on 1 Samuel 3: 1-201 begins "It can be dangerous to hang out in the temple, because if you do, someday you just might hear the voice of the Lord." Copenhaver describes the time of Samuel when even Eli and sons were unaware of the spiritual issues in life. Yet Samuel was there, being tutored in the ways of temple life. Then, one night there was a voice calling the young boy. After uncertainty, he answered and was given a judgment to deliver. Hanging out in the temple is dangerous because "someday you just might hear the voice of the Lord."
An account from Martin Luther King, Jr.'s life is told. Even though he tended the family business of church, it was not until the trials of the Montgomery bus boycott that faith sprang alive. The years of "tending the lamps and sweeping the floors of the temple" were not wasted. They were preparation for hearing.
Andrew Young once expressed his delight that his daughter was involved in church activities. Then, one day she announced she would go with Habitat for Humanity to build houses in Uganda. This startled Young. He wanted her involvement, but going to Uganda was more than involvement.
Copenhaver concludes, "Parents, keep this in mind when you bring your children to church. You may not be prepared for the consequences...someday they might just hear the voice of the Lord."
Joel L. Alvis, Jr.
1. "It Can Be Dangerous," Pulpit Digest 76 (January/January 1995), pp. 5-9.